Swordfishing Out of
Destin, Florida

The Biggest, The Baddest, The Meanest Fish in the Sea.

Are you ready for the Biggest, The Baddest, One of the best tasting fish out there? If you’ve done the rest and now you want to go after the biggest, the baddest, and the best, It’s time to hop aboard the “Velocious” and try your hand at Swordfishing.

Are you ready to go after the Mac Daddy of all fish in the Sea?  Are you looking for the ultimate trophy with great table fare to boot?  Do you have the patience to wait out the Big One?  Can you go for hours without a bite for the chance to catch the Biggest, Baddest fish of a lifetime? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are a great candidate for Swordfishing aboard the charter boat “Velocious”.

Swordfishing takes patience and determination.  There’s a chance you could come home empty handed.  I’ve had trips that we didn’t even get a bite on after soaking baits for several long hours.  However, I have also had trips where we caught several awesome swordfish on one trip creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We fish for Swordfish in anywhere from 1200′ to over 2000′ deep water.  We have landed some swordfish in less than thirty minutes.  Others we had to battled for extended hours to land.  Either way, when you get that bite, then that line tight, and finally see that awesome sword extrude from the sea…  Well there’s no other adrenaline rush that comes close.

Best of all, now on the “Velocious”, we are able to do this trip in half the time that it used to take us, saving the customer a ton of money and time.

My commitment to you the valued customer: When you pay for this trip, you are paying for 10 hours.  This usually equates to roughly 4 or 5 hours of run time (2 running out and 2 return) and 5 or 6 hours at the fishing grounds.  If we do not catch a Swordfish in that allotted time then I will add up to 3 hours at the fishing grounds. that’s a 50% increase in actual fishing time  ($700 value) at no extra cost to you.

So stop wishing let’s

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Want to cherish your memory forever?  click Sword Bill Artwork by Captain David Dewberry

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