Destin Snorkeling Tour

Come snorkel the beautiful Emerald Green Waters with a reliable well established company.

Come snorkel the beautiful Emerald Green Waters with a reliable well established company. We have an experienced, friendly crew waiting to guide you. Snorkel, feed the fish or soak up the suns rays on the beach. We offer a 2 ½ -3 hour excursion, servicing up to 30 passengers per trip. Often while underway we get the joyous experience of watching the Dolphins playing in their natural habitat! A snorkel instructor is available on and off the vessel for any questions or assistance that may be needed. We provide sanitized equipment and fish food.

Destin Snorkeling Tour

phone: 850-650-3802 or 850-650-3800     Rates are $49/$59 per person.

Looking for fun for the whole family?  Then cool off the way the locals do.  Go snorkeling in Destin, Florida and get up close and personal with the local marine life. Swim, see fish and find beautiful shells.

Large Multi-Passenger Boat Rental

Private Cruises in Destin – Birthday Parties, Church Groups, Family Reunions, Etc.

Boating is all about having fun in the sun and water. So why would you want to worry about fueling up the boat and driving while you watch your friends have fun? We offer the best of both worlds….a private boat that our Coast Guard-licensed Captains will drive so you can enjoy a worry-free day of fun in the sun.

Crab Island in Destin Florida – Let us Take You

Let our Coast-Guard licensed captains take you to the underwater playground known as Crab Island – one of the top things to do in Destin. Ranging in depths from 1 to 10 feet, the underwater sandbar known as Crab Island is the place where everyone anchors their boats and spends a day in the waist deep emerald green waters. With picturesque views of the Destin bridge, Crab Island is the place to spend your relaxing day on the water.

Snorkel the Destin Jetty & Encounter Marine Life

The Destin jetty is a man-made finger of rock that juts out into the Gulf of Mexico, protecting the East Pass that connects Choctawhatchee Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. This partially submerged rock wall plays host to a surprising amount of marine life and provides an ideal snorkeling destination. The sharp-eyed visitor will notice may invertebrates such as blue crabs, hermit crabs and even the occasional shy octopus scuttling in and out of concealment in the rocks. You’ll see numerous fish species as you snorkel, including tangs, sergeant majors, damselfish, puffer fish and wrasse, with occasional visitors from the deeper waters such as juvenile barracuda. A number of dolphin pods make the area around the jetty home, allowing for the possibility of a chance encounter with one of these resident marine mammals.

We have an experienced friendly crew waiting to guide you.  Snorkel, feed the fish, join a game of volleyball or soak up the sun’s rays on the beach.  Our knowledgeable instructor stays with you and will have the fish eating out of your hands.

We offers the best of both worlds, playing at Crab Island and Snorkeling at our East Jetty. Call now to reserve your private excursion and let our Coast Guard-licensed Captains drive so you can enjoy a worry-free day of fun in the sun.

Most of the time the visibility is good.  However, tides and rain do play a large role into how clear the water will be.

We recommend that guest bring something to drink, sunscreen, towel and camera. Fun for all ages!

Our crew is First Aid & CPR certified.

Waivers: Waivers are required and must be completed by a natural parent or a court ordered guardian of minors 17 years and under.

Save time by completing the waivers ahead of time.

Adult Waiver: Click Here (Printable PDF)
Minor Waiver: Click Here (Printable PDF)


Check in 45 minutes prior to departure time is required.

phone: 850-650-3802 or 850-650-3800

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